14k gold teeth.com makes variety of gold teeth in New York and Atlanta. 14k gold teeth.com is highly respected for great skills by Hip Hop Artists and gold teeth manias 14k  gold teeth.com has more than 300 designs and variety of options for new designs.  14k gold teeth .com is protected by Authorized.net,  so you can make the payment safe.  It will give joy to goldteeth manias, because they can buy goldteeth safe.                             


A  major problem that worries gold teeth manias is the amount of gold used in the gold teeth.  It is truly hard to find a company that use the exact amount of gold and people trust.  14k gold teeth.com has a stamp on the back that guarantees the exact amount of gold. 10kgold -41.6%gold,  14kgold  -58.5%gold,  18kgold - 75% gold 

Diamond Iced out Grillz

14k gold teeth.com's Iced out Grillz has exquisite setting,use real diamonds, and AAAAA quality CZ.  Iced out grillz is the gold teeth that Hip Hop Artists and gold teeth amanias wants. In 14k gold teeth .com outlet you can buy variety of gold teeth 40% cheaper.

Variety of service

Products from 14k gold teeth.com can always shine. from polish and shine service and remake service.              Express S & H service will help you to receive the grillz within 7-9 days.


Online Payments

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